Modernize IT with Flexible Financing and Investment Solutions from HPE

Today’s businesses face tremendous pressure to accomplish more for less. However, many companies continue to use outdated systems and technologies that prevent future growth and result in unsatisfactory customer experiences. While most organizations realize the importance of modernizing their technology department, they often temporarily push these projects aside due to budget constraints. But what if there was a way to bridge the gap between technology and finance agendas so that organizations’ could invest in technology and drive business processes forward?

HPE Financial Services helps organizations reach their sustainability and financial goals with their “circular economy” method. This approach allows businesses to extract value from existing assets and reduce the environmental impact of business operations.

Here are five benefits provided by HPE Financial Services:

  • Accelerate migration: Companies can unlock the capital trapped in their current systems and upgrade to newer, more efficient systems faster
  • Optimize Legacy Systems: Get value out of your current IT assets as you transition to modern IT solutions
  • Manage IT Asset Disposition: Legacy workplace and datacenter assets from any manufacturer are accepted
  • Drive Future Value: Experiment with new IT solutions and drive business model innovation
  • Solutions for Every Business: Personalized financing plans that fit your unique needs

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