Technology Trends Expected to Make a Significant Impact in 2020

Technology continues to evolve at a rapid pace as we progress into 2020. Advancements in technology enable organizations to operate more efficiently, and by implementing these new changes, organizations can more effectively stay competitive and improve business processes. While many more technology trends are expected to occur in 2020, here are three that are expected to make a significant impact:

Internet of Things (IoT): Gartner reported that by 2020 there would be over 26 billion connected devices. Smart devices are already commonplace in many households, and are expected to become more prevalent in the business setting too. These smart devices can help organizations improve productivity and minimize expenses. However, despite the significant advantages of using IoT devices, the vast amounts of data and interconnectedness of these devices can make them vulnerable to attacks. Therefore, in 2020, we can expect an even greater focus on IoT device security, as well.

Artificial Intelligence (AI): Many organizations are already benefiting from the power of AI. As we progress into 2020, the healthcare industry is expected to experience even more AI transformations. By acquiring data in real-time, AI will enable medical facilities to optimize scheduling, automate reporting, and integrate existing workflows. 

Artificial intelligence benefits all types of organizations by interpreting vast amounts of data and then turning that into meaningful information. In doing so, businesses can provide a more personalized customer experience. A recent study found that 63% of U.S. consumers are more willing to share their personal information with a company in exchange for improved customer experiences. When consumers trust a brand, they are more likely to buy from them too. Thereby, AI helps to bridge the trust gap between businesses and consumers, which in turn benefits both parties. As more and more businesses seek to improve the customer experience, we can expect to see more companies using AI for this in 2020.

Data Management: Data is getting produced at a rapid pace, and consequently, more and more companies will turn toward solutions that will allow them to get more control and usage over their data. By 2020, the entire digital universe is predicted to reach 44 zettabytes. As a result of increased data production, it is also likely that there will be a surge in jobs that require specialized data management skillsets. For example, the demand for data scientists is expected to rise by 28% in 2020 alone.


Even though technology trends can provide significant opportunities for businesses to get ahead and thrive in a competitive economy, it’s also important to consider how a given technology change helps to accomplish your organization’s short and long-term goals. Experis Technology Group’s team of IT experts are highly trained and certified to help businesses implement technology changes in a way that benefits your organization’s unique needs. We take a holistic and consultative approach to solving IT challenges. Whether you have minimal or more complex IT needs, our team can help. To learn more, contact our team at