Multi-site Data Protection that Secures your Critical Data 24/7

The Industry’s Best Multi-site Data Protection

Infinidat is the industry’s only solution that can concurrently provide zero RPO (no data loss) at zero RTO (continuous operation without human intervention) in a metropolitan area. Not only does Infinidat have the most available storage system, it is also backed by a 100% availability guarantee with meaningful remedies and a portfolio of local and remote replication features.


What makes Infinidat a superior solution for data protection?

  • When asynchronously replicating to a third (or fourth) site, with InfiniBox the RPO between the two systems at metro sites and the remote distance sites can be as low as single-digit seconds. This is not currently possible with alternative enterprise storage systems, whose minimum RPO will typically be measured in minutes due to multiple “delta sets” or much larger minimum cycle times.
  • Although Pure Storage recently became the only major storage vendor besides Infinidat to offer a “near-zero” asynchronous replication solution, Pure’s new ActiveDR does not appear to be able to currently integrate with Pure’s ActiveCluster. Pure’s alternative legacy asynchronous replication feature can integrate with ActiveCluster, but it has a minimum cycle time of 5 minutes – providing for much greater data loss after recovery at the remote site than InfiniBox.


To learn more about the benefits of Infinidat’s data protection solutions, you can contact the Experis team at to schedule a meeting. Experis Technology Group is a certified Infinidat partner and has more than twenty years of experience in the IT industry. Nationwide corporations, government agencies, start-up companies, and more have all turned to Experis when they need high performance, highly available, business-critical systems. Our team delivers value-added IT services and solutions to help you reach your goals.


The information for this blog post has been derived from the Infinidat website. Click here to view the full post.