Modern Storage Architecture for High Performing Businesses

Weka delivers a modern storage architecture that shatters the limits of what’s possible – on premises or in the cloud – to radically accelerate time to business outcomes.


  • One Platform, Many Workloads: Consolidate applications with diverse data requirements of file sizes, bandwidth, throughput or latency across file and objects. All on the same platform.
  • Built for Clouds: Built from the ground up for the cloud, Weka allows you easily unify management of your data in the cloud and on-premises. Seamlessly move workloads between the two to address business needs, leverage Kubernetes (K8S) to unify orchestration and make the run time environment transparent on applications
  • Flash Performance HDD Economics: Weka’s unique architecture offers automated data-tiering between high performance NVMe flash tier and S3-compatible object tier. Innovative engineering ensures that you achieve dramatically better economics and much higher performance out of your object storage tier where ever it is – In the cloud or on-premises with no need for any tuning from the user. You can securely save your backups to object stores on-premises or in the Cloud.
  • Data Protection Reimagined: Never pay for backup software again. With included snap-to-object technology and end-to-end encryption, you can securely save your backups to object stores on-premises or in the Cloud. Capitalize your backups by bursting to cloud for increased compute scaling. Never again pay for several copies of your data for different functionality, backup, archive, workload migration or Disaster Recovery.
  • Extreme Performance at Any Scale: Push the boundaries of what’s possible with the industry leading performance. Deliver the performance for your most demanding applications with linear scaling from Terabytes to Exabytes on-premises and in the Cloud.

Key Use Cases: 

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Life Sciences
  • Financial Services
  • High Performance Data Analytics
  • Containers

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