Keep up with Future Business Changes by Adopting an Agile Infrastructure

The Importance of Business Agility

In today’s fast-paced and perpetually changing economy, only agile businesses survive. At present, every organization depends on technology in some way or another, and many of the most profitable companies wouldn’t exist if they didn’t have modern infrastructure that could keep up with their business demands. The cloud has enabled enterprises to implement agility into the core of their business models, allowing them to respond and adapt quickly to what the market demands.

Unfortunately, many business leaders still believe that they can continue doing things the way they’ve always been done and choose to use the systems that are familiar and comfortable. However, this way of thinking demolishes even the once top-performing brands. A great example that shows the consequences of failing to adopt an agile approach is Blockbuster. Before Blockbuster went out of business, they believed they didn’t need to change, that customers would always want to experience picking out a video at one of their retail locations. Meanwhile, Netflix’s innovative business model allowed customers to stream videos on demand and significantly lowered costs for consumers. Also, Netflix didn’t depend on retail locations to sell their goods and services to customers. Instead, Netflix implemented an agile approach and now uses the cloud for nearly all their computing and storage requirements. This way of operating enabled them to become an industry leader.

Achieve Agility with Consumption-based IT

Organizations can achieve better agility by implementing a consumption IT model that delivers the economics of the public cloud with the security and performance of on-premises IT. Consumption-based IT allows businesses to deploy technology quickly and cost-effectively. With this scalable and flexible way of consuming IT, organizations can leverage the cloud whenever they need it and only pay for what they consume. The example of Blockbuster showed that businesses need to focus on agility if they want to continue operating successfully. Thankfully, with the right cloud strategy in place, companies can get ahead of the competition, all while maximizing revenue and minimizing IT expenses.

Before beginning any transformation process, organizations need to assess current infrastructure and develop a strategy for change. Experis Technology Group’s team of IT experts can help evaluate your organization’s existing infrastructure and give you an accurate snapshot of your current environment. Experis works with many different types of organizations across many vertical industries and can help with your adoption of an agile infrastructure by exposing areas in your business that can be substantially improved and optimized for better performance at a predictable spend. To schedule an assessment, contact our team at

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