Experis Technology Group Provides a Worldwide Aviation Company Complete Infrastructure Solution

Potomac, MD — Experis Technology Group, Inc. is proud to provide a top-tier, Mid-Atlantic aviation firm with a completely new infrastructure solution, replacing their existing Compute and storage platform.

The new multiple HPE Simplivity All-Flash systems solves two major issues including performance and data recovery. With this new system, performance will significantly increase the infrastructure has the ability to backup and recover their systems in just minutes in the event of a failure.

The customer was so pleased, after the install he stated, “Today was the first day of live operation and the system is performing great. One measured process went from 1.5 hours to 15 minutes without any optimization efforts. All things considered, an outstanding success.”

The Hyper-Converged HPE SimpliVity solution will allow for the customer to never worry about failed or slow backups again.

About Experis Technology Group, Inc.

Experis Technology Group, Inc., specializing in Business Continuance and Disaster Recovery solutions, provides complete high performance, highly available computing, storage, network systems and enterprise management software to organizations for support of their IT infrastructures.