Experis Technology Group Is Doubling Down On Storage Applications

Experis Technology Group, one of the top infrastructure providers in the Northeast, is doubling down on storage applications as part of a drive to double the size of its business.

Experis, which earlier this year expanded into the Philadelphia market, is aiming to grab a bigger slice of the market being driven by business unit leaders with growing partnerships with scale-out, software-defined storage software provider Cohesity; cloud data management providers Rubrik and Veeam; and Hammerspace, a provider of hybrid cloud storage as a service.

The new storage application investments move Experis, one of Hewlett Packard Enterprise’s top enterprise partners, into the heart of the fast-growing data management services market.

“We are moving aggressively into the multi-cloud storage application market,” said Experis CEO Raymond Tuchman, who founded the Potomac, Md.-based infrastructure specialist 19 years ago. “We like hardware, but we are moving more toward software applications.”

Tuchman, who has been navigating the twists and turns of the technology market as a solution provider CEO for nearly 27 years, said he sees Experis becoming a strategic data services provider for customers looking to mine the big data explosion.

“What we’re investing in is helping customers bring their disparate storage systems together to get more out of their data,” said Tuchman. “This is all about helping customers get the most out of their data in either private or public clouds.”

Tuchman said he is retraining some of his engineers and investing in bringing on board more storage application technical talent to help drive the storage application sales offensive.

The move into the data management services market is focused squarely on business unit leaders, said Tuchman. “This is a different mind-set,” he said. “We are now talking to the business unit owners rather than the IT directors. It’s the fastest-growing part of the storage market.”

Tuchman said he sees the business unit storage applications market growing exponentially over the next several years. “About 25 percent of the storage IT decisions are now being made by business unit leaders, and it’s growing,” he said. “That is how we are going to grow the business in the future.”

Tuchman said his focus is on doubling the size of his business over the next several years with the storage application drive. “We couldn’t be more excited about the future given our focus on storage applications,” he said. “This is a specialized segment of the market. It’s not a commodity. The software providers are coming to us because we have the feet on the street. This is the future.”

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