Simplify your storage with HPE Nimble

With HPE Nimble Storage, you don’t have to deal with unexpected storage surprises, such as unplanned downtime, forklift upgrades, and ever-increasing support costs. When you choose HPE Nimble Storage for your storage demands, you get: 

  • 99.9999 % guarantee: HPE Nimble Storage delivers and guarantees 99.9999 % of availability across its entire installed base.
  • Scalability: HPE Nimble storage arrays easily grow with your business. The value of your flash storage is protected through simple hardware and software upgrades.
  • All Inclusive Software: All software features are included when you choose HPE Nimble Storage. Features like encryption, replication, snapshots, or HPE Infosight are included as well as all new NimbleOS features.
  • Flat Support Pricing: Guaranteed flat maintenance and support pricing for the life of the product.
  • Cloud-ready: HPE Nimble Storage arrays come cloud-ready. This gives you better flexibility to create a multi-cloud environment.
  • Free Controller Upgrade Options: With the option to receive a free, faster controller, you’ll stay current with free faster upgrades. 

Test Drive HPE Nimble Storage

See how this system performs LIVE by scheduling a Test Drive demonstration with Experis Technology Group and Hewlett Packard Enterprise. Contact our team today for more information!