Restore in Less than 60 Seconds: Advantages of Hyperconvergence

Hyperconvergence enables cloud-like economics and scale without compromising the performance, resiliency, and availability expected in your own data center.

Here are 3 advantages of a hyper-converged infrastructure:

  • Improved Agility: Businesses need IT to respond quickly to changes. Legacy environments slow down agility and make it more challenging to achieve positive business outcomes. On the contrary, a hyper-converged infrastructure maintains everything in a single administrative umbrella which better supports workload migration and automated DevOps processes. This efficient setup enables IT to respond faster as new needs arise.
  • Scalability & Efficiency: Compared to integrated system products, which often require substantial up-front investments, hyper-converged solutions have a much smaller step size. A smaller step size means that it doesn’t cost as much to get to the next level of infrastructure. As a result, businesses can scale more quickly and cost-effectively.
  • Simple Automation: Hyperconvergence encloses everything in a single, organized environment. Therefore, IT doesn’t need to stress about trying to make automated structures with hardware from different manufacturers or product lines.

All these benefits produce significant results for businesses, including reduced capital expenses (CAPEX) and operating expenses (OPEX). For companies looking to modernize their IT infrastructure, hyper-converged solutions can improve agility, increase scalability, and simplify IT processes.

What does Hyperconvergence look like?

HPE SimpliVity is an enterprise-grade hyperconverged platform that speeds up application performance, improves efficiency and resiliency, and backs up and restores VMs in seconds.

This hyperconverged infrastructure platform guarantees a 90% capacity savings with a guarantee of a 10/1 dedupe and compression ratio. It’s also guaranteed that you can restore a 1TB virtual machine in less than 60 seconds. Manage this all from the same console you manage your virtualization environment with today. With HPE SimpliVity, enterprises spend more time innovating and less time administering.

Read the HPE SimpliVity White Paper: Datacenters Leverage HPE SimpliVity to Drive Operational Simplicity, Improved Performance, and Other Critical Datacenter Benefits

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