Experis News Experis Technology Group Solves Clients’ Storage Density and Efficiency with NEW HPE Apollo Servers and the Software-defined Scality RING

As object storage becomes more and more attractive to customers, Experis is constantly looking for innovative ways to optimize the total customer solution. As we enable the market, we are seeing a shift in enterprise behavior to have at least a portion of the business function more like a service provider. Of course one major difference still remains: these large enterprises typically do not have the extensive IT staff in house that a service provider has, and enterprise customers tend to value management capabilities, remote lights out capabilities, and more comprehensive support from HPE and its partners.

Keeping this in mind, HPE has introduced the newest member of the Apollo 4000 family: the HPE Apollo 4200 Server.

Customers continue to focus on achieving the lowest cost per gigabyte ($/GB) for storage, increasing density, and lowering customer total cost of ownership (TCO). The good news–HPE has a way to hit all three of these customer pain points with the Scality RING running on HPE Apollo Servers. For customers looking for extreme density, the new Apollo 4500 allows our customer to fit 10 chassis in a single rack.

The HPE Apollo 4200 server, which is now the industry’s densest 2U server on the market, which can hold up to 28 LFF drives or 50 SFF drives – that’s 224 TB of direct attach storage in 2U.

The HPE Apollo 4510 server, designed for object and cloud storage, which can hold up to 68 LFF drives in a 4U space – you can get 5.44 PB per rack. (That’s right – PETABYTES.)


The HPE Apollo 4530 server, designed for Hadoop and analytics, has 3 server nodes in a 4U chassis, with 45 LFF drives, perfect for Hadoop triplication or object storage customers looking for smaller fault domains.

This family of computer solutions is enabling our customers to become data-driven organizations – to know their business better, to serve their customers more effectively, and to manage more data with less space, less power, and more overall capacity.

For more information about Scality RING and HPE Apollo Servers please contact Experis Technology Group at sales@experistg.com or 240-223-0607 x12.