Empower your Organization for the Future with Digital Business Transformation

Digital transformation integrates digital technology into all aspects of business and requires fundamental changes in technology, culture, operations, and value delivery. Technology has been advancing at a rapid pace, and new technologies provide more possibilities for improving efficiency and enhancing customer experience.

Despite the significant advantages to digital transformation, many organizations have yet to implement digital transformation successfully. A recent survey showed that 70% of all digital transformation initiatives fail to reach their goals. So, why are so many businesses struggling with digital transformation?

As with anything new, digital business transformation requires change. Organizations must ensure their employees are also on board with these changes. One way to do that is by educating employees on how implementing and using these new technologies can benefit them. In addition to encouraging employee advocacy of business transformation, it’s also vital that companies take the time to develop a plan that is both sustainable and in alignment with business objectives.

Every company is unique in what challenges they face and what goals they are working to achieve. As a result, digital transformation efforts will most likely look somewhat different across organizations. Nonetheless, there are general guidelines that businesses should consider when developing their unique digital transformation strategy.

Here are three key components to successful digital transformation:

  • Centralize digital data: Companies must invest in central repositories and applications for storing information. Data unification allows companies to access and use information in an efficient manner. For businesses to be able to compete in a global economy, a unified digital platform is essential.
  • Develop a plan that involves the entire team: First, organizations should look at how their entire team is currently using technology and identify any gaps that could potentially hurt digital transformation efforts. Get all of your employees involved in the process and educate them on how implementing new technology and systems can benefit their work environment.
  • Replace legacy systems: Legacy technology is not only expensive, but in most cases, it’s also incredibly inefficient. An organization’s resources are much better spent on technology that can provide the digital experience required by today’s market.

Accelerate Transformation with Experis Technology Group and HPE

Experis Technology Group can help organizations succeed with digital transformation. Our team has decades of experience in assisting organizations with integrating IT and business. Furthermore, as an HPE Partner, we can deliver the applications and system solutions to help you reach your business transformation goals. Modernize your infrastructure in a way that’s both cost-effective and in alignment with your business objectives.

Together, we can help empower your business for the future. Contact our team at info@experistg.com to learn more.