Business Process Resilience


  • An always-on resilience platform that gets your business up and running in hours after a disruption.
  • A next level DR solution that restores your business processes at the mission-critical application level, not just at the data and server levels like legacy DRaaS services.

RPS Business Process Resilience Key Features

  • Metrics Dashboard – Unified real-time interface to resilience metrics and solution performance, with customizable and individualized SLA metrics across all application and system components
  • Application Recoverability Status Reporting – Better visibility by grouping the health and availability of individual components into a single Application Grouping
  • Compliance Dashboard – Server and application specific compliance reporting and real-time readiness status across your ecosystem, offering insights into application data loss prevention and recovery time
  • “Ready to Recover” Status Reporting – Real-time application resilience status and dependency reporting, letting you know, individually, whether your applications are ready for a recovery scenario
  • Sandbox Testing – Tested workflows within a Sandbox environment for the purpose of running drills ensures detection of environment changes that would risk recovery failure, without impacting production systems or networks

When you need the peace of mind that comes with Business Process Resilience, RPS SLA-based service is an economical solution that yields predictable results.