Keep Your Data Safe and Recover from a Cyber Event in Hours with Zerto’s Cyber Resilience Vault

Zerto's Cyber Resilience Vault Webinar

Wednesday, August 14th 11:00AM EST

Join us for a 45-minute overview of Zerto’s Cyber Resilience Vault (CRV), a “right of boom” air-gapped clean room environment that can allow you to resume operations within hours of cyber threat detection.  CRV will enable customers to return to day-to-day operations before remediation is completed securely.

Learn about Zerto’s Cyber Resilience Vault (CRV):

  • Fully Air-Gapped “clean room” with no access to the internet or production environment
  • All backup and journal data is stored immutably
  • If both primary and DR sites are compromised by malware or ransomware rebuild is orchestrated by Zerto on in the “clean room” vault
  • Organizations can have full production environments back up and running in the vault in 6 hours or less
  • CRV is built on Zerto’s award-winning Zero trust-based software architecture and HPE’s industry-leading Proliant servers and Alletra storage
  • Zerto has built-in threat detection that can integrate with your current SEIM tools to help detect and isolate threats before they are triggered

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